Just letting you guys know that i’m going to Spain for a week and then to visit my parents for the rest of the summer. Therefor i won’t be able to draw as much (cause you know, i’ll be spending time with family and stuff). But i hope you will have as much fun as me and even more! Don’t forget to draw/write/create whenever you can :D Hopefully i’ll get to draw smth from time to time (: I love you!

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Anonymous asked: "love all your bad ass flying ladies art!!!! ;D xx"

Ahh thank you! :D 

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Anonymous asked: "Your are brings me joy and happiness in unexpected times. also, ermagerd i love your Kai drawings."

awww thank you ^^ you’re so sweet!

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I really like the last 3 works i’ve done and they’re very similar, so why not  put them together (: bad ass flying ladies are my favorite at the moment obviously :3

Separately - Batgirl, Spider-Woman, Marceline

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Rock Time by ribkaDory

I don’t watch Adventure Time anymore, but Marceline is hard to resist (:

I’m going on vacation till the end of the summer, so i won’t be drawing that much D:

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Saw everyone doing it, thought i’d make one too (: Didn’t include anything before 2008 for two reasons: i don’t really have anything with me to show you, and i didn’t really draw back then (two or three doodles in school don’t count).

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It’s Our Turn, Ladies by ribkaDory

I’m all about female superheroes lately *U* had to draw Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman, her design is amazing :D

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Anonymous asked: "draw mooore aliceeeeeeeee!!!!!! whether with kai or not"

omg i had to think hard, before remembering who the hell is Alice xD idk, i really doubt that, sorry!

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Challenge collab kind of thing with DinoraLP

We decided to make a time challenge, one hour for every drawing. 

Robin from DC

Ruffnut and Astrid as Sailor Soldiers

female Cap and Winter Soldier 

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