Peter “Puppy Eyes” Parker
sketch before bed 

Peter “Puppy Eyes” Parker

sketch before bed 

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Anonymous asked: "Hey, i just wanted to ask you is spider- gwen your OC? I think that character is great btw ;D"

I WISH! haha No, she’s most definitely not mine, she belongs to Marvel, she’s official! Spider-Gwen appears in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, she was created by writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez. You can follow this account to get more info (: 

And here’s a short post about her

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Anonymous asked: "Can i say i'm in love with you? :3"

yes, you most certainly can *W* 

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Anonymous asked: "Просто хотела сказать, что ты волшебница."

ну что за милота с утреца ^^ утро - это когда я глаза открыла, а то что время 3 часа не имеет значения xD Спасибо, милый человек :3

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Anonymous asked: "Oh my god, your work is just so awesome. I'm from Brazil, so sorry for my english, haehasuheuahue <---- That's how we laugh here! I just... OH MY GOD... Your work just inspire me to get better at my art, hahah :3 ! Soo thanks :3 !"

eeee thank you very much! I love it to bits when people say my art inspire them to draw *U* i mean what is better than inspirational art! So it is a big compliment :D thank you!

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Anonymous asked: "My goodness you're amazing. I saw tour maze runner art and httyd and also that one where you redrew your character. It was such a huge difference in skill and oh my goodness gracious you are so talented. Congrats."

aw thank you so much! :3 i am a little confused though, what httyd art? That with a random viking girl? Cause i’m pretty sure i didn’t draw anything else xD 

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Anonymous asked: "*dies at all your glorious spideypool art cause it's so beautiful and especially wade and his scars omg so beautiful* (。♥‿♥。)"

thaaank you ^^

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Anonymous asked: "YOUR ART IS AMAZING."


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No time for pancakes - Spideypool by ribkaDory

i just love morning fluff *U* Peter is a horny teenage boy, HORMONES

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