quick sketch before bed (: maybe Ginny Weasley?

quick sketch before bed (: maybe Ginny Weasley?

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Anonymous asked: "Because of this anon I want to see a genderbended version of Aeric now ToT! Maybe you already did one? *hope hope*"

I wanna see genderbend Aeric too! But i can’t do it cause he belongs to Crystal and i’m sure i will spoil him/her, i mean she obviously knows him better and i have a very stupid tendency making everyone too sexy, so i’m not genderbending Aeric, sorry! (: but yeah, i totally feel you :3

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Anonymous asked: "If Aeric was a girl, Kai would probably date her, wouldn't he?"

Nononononononono. No. Aeric is super hype, a little crazy, irresponsible, talk way too much, super loud and just super annoying. And somehow they work perfectly fine as friends, Aeric adds fun and just lightness to Kai’s life, while Kai kind of restrains Aeric from going completely nuts. If Aeric was a girl and Kai would never ever date her. He wouldn’t even look her way at a bar (: 

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Anonymous asked: "What happened to Kai? I've read on twitter about the ribs and stuff."

Let’s just say he messed with wrong guys (don’t know what exactly he did though) and they beat him up (:

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Anonymous asked: "Miss rita I don't speak English and I am using a translator that I am sure that it is nothing but wanted to ask you if I can use his drawings as tumblr and facebook profile picture :) PS: I love with all my soul your drawings"

Hi, thank you! Well yeah, i guess you can as long as you give credits (:


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Trouble boy has problems again (: 

Trouble boy has problems again (: 

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I hit another milestone, thank you guys! 

All you gotta do to enter the giveaway is reblog this post! And since this is about my followers, you have to follow me (: It would be great if you reblog it just once to even everyone’s chances, but it’s really up to you (:

The winner will be picked by a random number generator and they will get a full-body drawing of a single character from me. 

Giveaway ends on April 30th! 

Thank you so much for supporting me and just being here :3 

ignore the “full” with one L, too tired to fix

2 weeks till the end of the giveaway! :D

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Anonymous asked: "А у тебя есть что-то вроде прайс листа для комишенов? :3"

1800р. - 1 персонаж в полный рост без фона.

2300р. - 1 персонаж в полный рост + фон

3000р. - 2 персонажа в полный рост без фона


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Anonymous asked: "Привет, невероятная Рита, у меня два вопроса :) Первый: ты сейчас берешь заказы? Второй: почему твой ник именно Рыбка Дори? Добра и единорожков тебе :3"

Привет! Спасибо ^^ насчет заказов, они как бы закрыты, но я могу вписать тебя в очередь, если очень надо. Но пройдеn не мало времени, прежде чем я до тебя доберусь хыхы

Почему именно Рыбка Дори, где-то когда-то уже писала вроде ) Да была мода в 12-14 лет ники себе придумывать, а тогда как раз вышел В поисках Немо и нам с подругами жуть как понравилась Дори. Ну они мне и предложили обозваться так, ник прилип. А когда регилась на дА Дори естественно уже было занято, и я просто добавила “рыбка”. Рыб я не люблю, и В поисках Немо не самый мой любимый мульт, но ник как-то мне полюбился xD

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Anonymous asked: "Kai ❤️"

Kai: <3

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