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Tutorials i find helpful

A little about myself:

My name is Rita, i was born on 27 May 1990. Currently i live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. But my native city is Yakutsk and i lived there until i turned 17.

Have you studied art anywhere?

No, I am a self-taught artist and I haven’t studied anywhere.

For how long have you been drawing?

In 2007 i started being interested in CorelDraw but i used it only for a year. Then in March 2009 i started drawing traditional portraits. In May 2009 i bought my first tablet and since then i draw digitally.

What software do you use?

I draw in PaintTool SAI and then edit my work in Photoshop CS5.

What tablet do you use?

I use Wacom Intuos4 small.


Can you make a tutorial on *something* ?

My tutorials

Also two videos about how i color hair and draw lips

Do you take requests / art trades?

Sorry to tell you that but no, I don’t take requests / art trades.


Do you use references and if you do where do you get them?

Yes, I use references a lot and honestly I think that it’s my problem I have to learn to draw without them. Where do I get them? Basically everywhere, I often use this , sometimes when I don’t find anything there I google, but I try to avoid google because a lot of people search for references there and those which pop out on the first page have been used a lot of times already. Also when I draw a character whose temper I know I look through celebrities’ photoshoots, or if I use one specific celebrity as a ref for a character I look through their photos. Sometimes it’s just BAM and I fell in love with a photo (: I also tend to save pics on my laptop even if I’m not going to use it right now and then when I can’t think of anything I just look through my folder with refs and sometimes it helps to come up with an idea.


Do you do commissions?

Yes, I do. Click HERE for more info.


Can I use your art for *insert title here* project / to re-draw your drawing etc? (anything that doesn’t make profit)

Yes, as long as I have credits (my name and link to my page) and I’d love to see the result but it’s not necessary. BUT if you want to use one of my works as a cover for your book/logo/commercial and other thing which you’ll sell then we have to discuss details first, in this case contact me.


What’s OC and who is Iris (Leroy, Erik, Ink and others)?

OC – own character. I’ve created a bunch of characters and right now working on a story about them. Iris (the girl with blue hair) is the main character.


If you’re writing a story where can I read it?

You can find it here. Right now I am in progress of translating it. It takes a lot of time that’s why I work on it very slowly. Files with title “The Story” is in Russian, files with title “Iris’s story ENG” is the same story in English.


What is “Vulpes Oxide”?

It is a fictional band FirstFruits and I created. The band includes my characters Kai and Ian, Fruits’ characters Aeric and Skylar, and David, who belongs to both of us. For more info go to Vulpes Oxide’s Tumblr page.

May I draw one of your characters?

It would make me extremely happy :D It would be very flattering ^^ I very appreciate it when someone draws something for me it makes me run in circles and scream happily xD

What\who inspires you?

I can’t answer this question with straight answer because I don’t really know myself. I am very unstable person and my interests change almost every year. But inspiration always comes from something I am crazy about at the moment. It can be music, bands, movie, book, a person, lyrics, other people’s characters (oh that inspires me a lot). I guess I can say that pretty much everything. Of course other artists inspire me the most I think, I often take a look at their galleries, notice little details and specific style of theirs, sometimes when I see something which kind of catches my attention I try to re-make it in my own way. There are plenty of things xD