Anonymous asked: "Jajajaja *nose bleed again and again* I can't stop to bleeding XD Do you can do Val and Kai.. You know.. in the bed? I'd love to see Kai and Val so, Kai has to do honor to his title of 'sex god' Atte. Val's Fan #1."

Haha (: i really don’t know, don’t really have time for that right now *actually has to start working on commissions and other more important stuff*

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Anonymous asked: "Omg!!! She's perfectly beautiful *nosebleed*. But I meant your closet, wearing clothes normally when not dancing xD Although she's a wonderful without anything."

Thanks (: well yeah, i’ll do it later, it’s just the template. Wardrobe thing usually takes me forever

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Anonymous asked: "I absolutely love all the gifs of Aaron Tveit you use as respones!! Seeing them makes me asdfghjkl every time hahaha"

haha Aaron’s face is always a nice thing to see on your dash *U*

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Anonymous asked: "Yeeeaaahh, *-* super great, are still together! That's incredible. They are my favorite couple >.< , they look so damn good together<3. I truly hope the day you finally draw again to Val, Thank you for giving us the joy of admiring your wonderful art."

^^ and thank you for liking my dudes :D and letting me know about it, i always get excited whenever i get a new message xD

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Anonymous asked: "Rita-Sama, when we'll see Valerie again? Or a KaiVal? I love the character of Val, and his history with the mad Kai, it's exciting, I love your art, I love Kai is so hot."

Hi! (: Thank you! Sometimes i have an urge to draw them, but then i find reasons not to do it, sorry D: i should definitely draw Val though, i like her (and she’s still with Kai, so i really should do it sometime).

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Anonymous asked: "Your art has improved so much :D Would you consider doing another tutorial in the near future? ;v;"

Hi! Thank you (: i remember promising to do an eye tutorial. What tutorial do you want me to make? 

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Anonymous asked: "Hey :) you may have already answered this question (sorry), but I just wanted to know how you make a character's face look the same in all pictures. Like how do you make sure that people know it's them?"

Hi! I don’t remember answering this question (: If it’s your own character, then at some point of creating it give them a very prominent face feature that would give them away. E.g.: Kai has very special eye- and brow-shape (but his lower part of the face is pretty ordinary and common), Iris has cat eyes and specific brow-shape etc. Honestly, i don’t think i’m that great at making characters look the same, but this is how i try to do it (: If it’s your character, just remember their face features (give them different lips/eyes/nose/face shape), if it’s a character from a series (which has an actual actor or actress to represent them) then just exaggerate their features (e.g. Dylan O’Brien’ nose and eyebrows). Not mentioning hair and stuff (: it’s an obvious thing and also a lot of characters have similar haircuts (especially males) so it’s not always something that would give them away. Hope it helps! Thank you for asking (:

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Anonymous asked: "love all your bad ass flying ladies art!!!! ;D xx"

Ahh thank you! :D 

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Anonymous asked: "Your are brings me joy and happiness in unexpected times. also, ermagerd i love your Kai drawings."

awww thank you ^^ you’re so sweet!

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Anonymous asked: "draw mooore aliceeeeeeeee!!!!!! whether with kai or not"

omg i had to think hard, before remembering who the hell is Alice xD idk, i really doubt that, sorry!

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